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Vancouver Hospital Directory

Arbutus Village Square

4255 Arbutus Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6J 4R1

Arthritis Society - British Columbia and Yukon Division Office

1645 West 7th Avenue,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6J 1S4

Balfour House

1490 Balfour Avenue,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6H 1Y1

Banfield Pavilion

2785 Ash Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5Z 3Y3

Canadian Genetic Disease Network

Suite 201, 2150 Western Parkway,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6T 1V6

Chara Health Care Society

749 33rd Ave W,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5Z 2K4

Communities Oncology Network

Suite 400, East Tower, 555 West 12th Avenue,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5Z 3X7

Dr. Peter AIDS Centre

1100 Comox Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6E 1K

Drug and Alcohol Meeting Support for Women (DAMS)

167 West Pender Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6B 1S4

Dual Diagnosis Program

524 Powell Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6A 1G9

Easter Seal House - Vancouver

3981 Oak Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6H 4H5

Fair Haven Vancouver Home

2720 East 48th Avenue,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5S 1G7

False Creek Residence Community Living Society

1167 Forge Walk,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6H 3R1

False Creek Surgical Centre

6th floor-555 West 8th Ave,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5Z 1C6

Gastown Health Clinic

59 West Pender Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6B 1R3

Gastown Vocational Services (GVS)

220 Cambie Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6B 2M9

North Community Health Office

2000 - 1651 Commercial Drive,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5L 3Y3

North East Community Mental Health Team

2610 Victoria Drive,Vancouver,British Columbia,H2W 1T8

Sheway Project

369 Hawks Ave,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6A 4J2

South Community Health Office

6405 Knight Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5P 2V9

South Granville Park Lodge

1645 West 14th Avenue,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6J 2J4

Southpines Private Hospital

325 59th Avenue West,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5X 1X3

Southview Lodge

7252 Kerr Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5S 3V2

St Paul's Hospital

1081 Burrard Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6Z 1Y6

St Vincent's Hospital - Brock Fahrni Pavilion

749 West 33rd Ave,Vancouver,British Columbia,V7Z 2K4

St Vincent's Hospital - Heather

749 W 33rd Ave,Vancouver,British Columbia,604-876-7171

St Vincent's Hospital - Langara

255 62nd Ave W,Vancouver,British Columbia,V5X 4V4

St Vincent's Hospital Arbutus

6650 Arbutus St,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6P 5S5

STD Clinic - Bute

1170 Bute Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6E 1Z6

STD Clinic - Main

219 Main Street,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6A 2S7