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Ottawa Hospital Directory

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

222 Queen Street, Suite 1402,Ottawa,ON,K1P 5V9

Ottawa General Hospital - General Campus

501 Smyth Rd,Ottawa,ON,K1H 8L6

Ottawa hospital (Civic Campus)

1053 Carling Avenue,Ottawa,ON,K1Y 4E9


411 Smyth Rd,Ottawa,ON,K1H 8M8

SCO Health Service

43 Bruyere St,Ottawa,ON,K1N 5C8

The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus

1053 Carling Avenue,Ottawa,ON,K1Y 4E9

The Ottawa Hospital - Riverside Campus

1967 Riverside Drive,Ottawa,ON,K1H 7W9

United Way of Canada - Centraide Canada

404 - 56 Sparks,Ottawa,ON,K1P 5A9

Villa Margeurite

75 Bruyere St,Ottawa,ON,K1N 5C7